Gray Jay Graphics is John Miller

Print of Sky and Water

Walking the Dog II, Screen Print, 2015, edition of 2

I'm an artist easily inspired by the space around me and undeveloped spaces inspire me most. When the environment around me is structured and organized by human priorities my musings are directed in a less open ended fashion. I appreciate the freedom of establishing my own starting point as much as is possible. I don't always buy-in to things deemed important by other people.

There are many ways to explore ideas even in structured environments however and the screen print above reflects this. I created a print called Walking the Dog inspired by a morning walk with my beloved dog Callie and in the print I used a wide range of color trying to do justice to a moment and feeling. For the second edition I ran a couple of prints without the bigger color and Walking the Dog II shown above is the result.

The compositional structure is the same for both prints but the feeling of each is distinctively different. There are many ways of expressing similar ideas and each approach can change the visual message. An artist makes decisions and moves toward an often amorphous target. Art is in the air.

Current Shows

2019 Birds in Art National Tour

Newington-Cropsey Foundation, Hastings-on-Hudson,

New York

March 23 – May 15, 2020

Art is in the Air

Dane County Regional Airport

Sat, Feb 8, 2020 to Sunday July 26, 2020

Wisconsin Visual Artists South Central Chapter Juried Show

For this show members were challenged to create art work to reinforce a sense of connection with the public and community. The prospectus noted "Freedom of flying is similar to the flights of imagination an artist feels when forming a visual idea. Air travel can take us out of ourselves, transporting us to a magical place. Art can do the same." The show is varied but I entered a piece inspired by my fascinatiopn with open space and sky.


Abel Contemporary ; River Arts on Water