Gray Jay Graphics is John Miller


Ogiskimanisi, Screen Print, 26" H X 11.75" W, 2019


I'm really pleased that my print Ogishkimanisi was juried into the 2019 Woodson Museum Birds in Art exhibit.

The belted kingfisher female is one of the rare examples of female birds that exhibit more color than the male counterpart. They fish the shallows plying the water edge flitting from perch to perch. Kingfishers are a common presence along waterways I paddle and as often is the case with me, a frequent encounter inspires my interest and desire to learn more about an aquaintence.

In this case I was inspired by a confluence of inspirations. On a trip on the Kiwishiwi River I passed Jackpines overhanging boulders and short rock ledges covered in lichens. Kingfishers were in the area on this spring trip and pollen was falling from the Jacks dusting the water contributing to the water level mark for the season.

Ogishkimanisi is one of the anglo spellings for the Ojibiway name for the bird. In this particular area Ogishkemuncie is another and a lake name coincidentally next to a lake named Kingfisher in English.


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